A good book is like a friend

A good book is like a good companion or friend, the acquaintance of
whom one makes some time in his life, and with whom one remains
connected for the rest of his (life’s) journey.
The more of such friends one has, the better.
There are many things one wants to do in life, to quote an unknown
“We all believe it is our duty, our task to do several things: to rear
children, to acquire a fortune, to write a book, to discover a
scientific law, and such like. But we have only one thing to do: so
to fashion our life that it is a complete, a good, and a decent work.
And, a work, not in the eyes of those for whom we wish to leave
behind a good memento, but before God, that one bring one’s soul
before Him as something better than it was, as something closer
to Him, more devoted to Him, more in accord with His Will.”
Good books can be very helpful companions in keeping us steadfast on
the road to the accomplishment of that ultimate goal. When we
despair, we read them, perhaps again, or refer to a passage that struck
us when we first made their acquaintance – these strengthen us and
keep us focused on the path we have chosen to pursue.
If they are about heroes, heroes of the spirit, or about great
messengers who have brought tidings about the Truth, we read about
them and about these truths.
We see, shining through, the way these great men and women – chosen
ones as we might call them – and their companions, have conveyed
these great truths of life, and also sought to live according to them
through the special circumstances of their lives, often despite great
adversity, suffering, and the hostility and indifference of their fellow-
And the accounts imbue us with strength, to also try to live in our own
times and circumstances, as best we can according to the new
recognitions and insights we have gained.
When the books have been well absorbed, even after a number of
years, we remember excerpts or passages from these books, and these
remain like a support scaffolding on our further journey.