Katherine Scholes
The Boy and the Whale

This book tells the story of a boy named Sam who spots a whale on the beach, which he initially believes to be dead. But then he discovers that the whale is alive and he attempts to help it.
Sam becomes more and more familiar with the whale, builds a screen to protect him from the sun, wets him with sea water and sends his dog off with a message to get help. But then all of Sam’s efforts seem to have been in vain when the two Higgs brothers discover him and the whale; both of them are out to hunt trophies and want the teeth of the living animal.

What I like about the story is seeing how brave Sam is and what incredible strength and courage he uses to save his whale and how he is able to help it after all.


An exciting short story in which the reader can feel the suffering of the whale and the hope, the fear and the desire of the boy to help.

Ages 10 and up


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