Michael Morpurgo
Friend or Foe


England during World War II: Due to the constant bombing raids on London, school children have been evacuated to the countryside where attacks are not expected. Two classmates, David and Tucky, are lovingly taken in at a small farm by Mr. Reynold and his French wife. One evening, the children witness a German fighter plane crash behind the hills. They go out into the moor in search of possible survivors. David falls into the raging river and is drowning when a German pilot pulls him out of the water and saves him.

The pilot, who also speaks English, asks the boys to help him and his seriously injured Air Force comrade; he asks if they can get some food and two warm blankets.

How should David, whose father died in the war, and Tucky decide? Help the two “enemies” seeking aid or tell the British police about their whereabouts? Will prejudice and aversion win out over understanding and helpfulness?

An exciting, short and convincing read with many good characters. Highly recommended. Ages 11 and up.


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