In the Light of Truth
The Grail Message


Original German Language Title: Im Lichte der WahrheitGralsbotschaft  

I was won over by the consistent and easily understandable logic with which the author explains everything according to natural laws.

As a physicist, I try to work out a logical view of the world. The book In the Light of Truth helps with this as it describes all the processes in this world and in the hereafter in context and shows how a uniform law and logic permeates everything, thereby making it understandable. This leaves no room for esoteric speculation. Mysticism becomes unnecessary. The reader of The Grail Message sees creation clearly before them and the light of simple principles that shines through it.

The Grail Message serves as inspiration to also act in the sense of the laws that govern everything around us.



A book for a lifetime … and beyond!



And they were astonished at his teaching: for he taught them as having authority, and not as the scribes.” This is how contemporaries spoke about the effect of Jesus’s words. And something similar happens to some of Abd-ru-shin’s readers. I was certainly thrilled when I started reading Volume I of his work In the Light of Truth at the age of sixteen. Volumes II and III came later.

If you are wondering whether this book will also benefit you, you will find the following words from Abd-ru-shin in the preface to The Grail Message:

I am addressing earnest seekers only. They must be able and willing to examine this matter objectively!

In order to understand this matter, the reader does not need to be “learned” or “scholarly,” for Abd-ru-shin has a down-to-earth approach for explaining the world and all its many paths and places one could go astray. Thus, The Grail Message serves as a “map” for me, whose contents I can use to find out which paths are available to people and where they lead when they take them.

The explanations can help the reader to discover and develop capabilities that lie in wait in order to use them for their own path, which leads out of the man-made labyrinth.—

The language of Abd-ru-shin is very noble and extraordinarily powerful, and he expresses himself clearly and, where necessary, sharply.

A glance at the table of contents shows that every seeker will find their topic covered.

Anyone who longs for purer, true humanity and has a childlike ability to be open to new things will find an immeasurable amount of use and joy, just in the first volume of In the Light of Truth alone.


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