Tonke Dragt
The Letter for the King

Original Title: De brief voor de Koning

The night before sixteen-year-old Tiuri is about to receive the accolade to confer his knighthood, a stranger asks him for help in a matter of life or death. Tiuri is supposed to stealthily deliver a secret message to the king of the neighboring kingdom.

It’s a difficult task because along the way there are enemy spies and horsemen lurking, who will use greed, cunning and treachery to prevent the delivery.

Tiuri’s journey becomes a heroic battle filled with courageous perseverance, chivalry, helpfulness and loyalty.

Tiuri and his fourteen-year-old friend Piak do receive help from noble knights, monks and farmers along the way, but mostly the two boys are left to their own devices and have to defend themselves cleverly, bravely and selflessly.

The author expertly builds tension from the first page to the last.

This book is not only for 12- to 18-year-old readers, but rather for all ages because it is written with enthusiasm and it’s thought provoking.



As a woman, I would never have thought that I would find a book about knights so gripping and good that I wouldn’t want to stop reading it.



I personally recommend the book “The Letter for the King” because you can tell from the start that Tiuri takes his duty seriously and has a big heart. For example, with the fool that Tiuri talks to and assures that he will return to talk to him more. In addition, as someone around the same age (15) I can personally identify with Tiuri, because he never gives up and despite the enormous task he has been given he is always so nice that he makes many good friends.



Before the accolade by their king, the budding young knights had to spend the night before in front of the altar silently preparing for the vow they were about to take:

I promise
to serve you and all your subjects loyally as a knight and to help everyone who implores my help.

I promise
to use my sword only for good and against evil and to protect with my shield all those who are weaker than me.

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