Frances Hodgson Burnett
A Little Princess

In an English boarding school for girls, Sara is treated like a princess because of her wealthy father. But when her father loses his fortune and dies, suddenly everything changes: the orphan is then treated like a slave.
The way Sara deals with the new situation is admirable and definitely worth reading.

It’s a pity I didn’t find this book as a young girl. It would have certainly have been one of my favorite books. But it was all the more rewarding to read it as an adult.

Be sure to read one of the unabridged editions.



A book that gives courage and hope to everyone who reads it, as it is about a girl who, unaffected by wealth and money, follows her own path even in great desperation and under the most adverse circumstances.

Her loving heart, her inner dignity and imagination give her strength and help her to see the light in the darkness, even in the most difficult moments.

This story about the power of love and friendship, which can overcome anything, is thus a literary jewel in children’s and young adult fiction.


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