Jakob Streit
Milon and the Lion

The Greek adolescent Milon is sold as a slave and resold, and has to work for various Roman owners as a porter, a sailor on ships, a shepherd, a house servant.
The reader experiences the Acropolis in Athens, the volcanic eruption with the fall of Pompeii, stormy sailing trips on the Mediterranean, fighting as a gladiator in the arena in front of the Roman emperor.

Milon’s good character, his helpfulness and sincerity, as well as the way in which he meets and helps a lion while shepherding sheep form the twists and turns of his destiny. Milon is able to free himself from slavery on his own.
When he met the first Christians, he is impressed by the exemplary way they live their lives. Little by little the young man realizes that in the teachings of Jesus he can find that which he has unconsciously longed for.

This book is told from the perspective of a peer, so it is very suitable for children and adolescents. The encounters and the relationship between the boy and the lion are described in a particularly impressive and credible manner.

Ages 12 and up.


A very special book that I can wholeheartedly recommend. Especially at Christmas time. It is told against the historical background of early Christianity.


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