Michael Ende
Momo (or: The Grey Gentlemen)


In my opinion, “Momo” should definitely be included in your book recommendations. It’s my favorite book, and I’ve given away many copies, not just to children. Being present in the here and now, listening, giving depth to the moment, friendship and loyalty … An important book in our fast, superficial, digitally fueled times.

That’s why little Momo is such a great danger for the gray men, the time robbers. She has an extraordinary ability to listen:

Momo could listen so that inarticulate folk suddenly came out with bright ideas. It wasn’t anything that she said or asked that brought such ideas out of the other person; no, it wasn’t that. She simply sat there and listened with full concentration, completely involved. While she gazed at them with her huge dark eyes, others felt unique ideas (which they had never guessed were there) suddenly surfacing from deep within.

Ages 9 to 99 (especially topical for adults)


Gabriele Hoffmann from the German Leseleben [reading life] association finds it very interesting to read “Momo” in light of how digital media steal our time:

Momo” as a book! Because a lot gets lost in the film.


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