The Ten Commandments of God


How is a child supposed to honor his father and mother if one or both of the parents are not worthy and respectable? From this book I learned that this “THOU SHALL HONOR FATHER AND MOTHER!” has a broader sense:

“Thou shall honor father(hood) and mother(hood)” is primarily aimed at parents who are supposed to take motherhood and fatherhood seriously, that is, to honor them! –

The commandment “THOU SHALL NOT KILL!” means not only the act of physical murder, but the commandment also warns of killing, deaden the joy and hopes of others. The reputation of another person can also be killed: character assassination!

Abd-ru-shin explains each of the ten commandments in a broad sense and, in doing so, brings clarity to them instead of restrictive interpretations.

This short book contains a wealth of knowledge for those who wish to make the world a better place, starting with themselves. Because it is written in a simple and understandable style, it is also suitable for use in school ethics and religion courses.

As someone who was baptized a Catholic and who attended Protestant religious instruction, this little book provided a lot of new knowledge and expanded my understanding.

Even readers who have little use of religion will find their horizons broadened by this book and will discover spiritual values for their everyday life, as soon as they start seriously looking for ideal values.

Ages 12 and up.



With the clear and enriching interpretations of the commandments, I no longer see them as restrictive prohibitions, but as well-intentioned advice for my own path in life.



Most people have heard of the Ten Commandments and are perhaps even quite familiar with them. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to examine them in more detail every now and then, so that they don’t simply become negligible! Or even get forgotten.


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